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There you can found:

  • Rank
  • Perk
  • Cosmetics
  • Boost
  • Much more!

1) Rethinking about unbanning if you are banned. You helped the server to stay up whit this donation. We can undestand people can change and it's like a way to say you are sorry about what you did. This aspect of the donation is a "maybe like" that dont mean you direcly got unbanned from the server where you did stuff wrong. It simply explain what you could get whit and without donation.  2) Each donation is not affiliated whit mojang. we try our best to respect the eula: That mean all stuff you get has a donation here can be get whit server economie or when doing some precise requirement. Count it has a previlege and not a aquired benefice. 3) By donating to QUEBECFREEBUILD you agreeing whit this wall of text and the eula of minecraft. 4) About the code 2 or the agreement. The stuff you by could change in any time. Stuff could be changed for planty of reason and normaly those reason are to fit perfecly whit the mojang/microsoft eula. Some permission can be removed for some reason like plugins update needing to patch it up or removed for the simple reason of updating. be aware stuff change. Still those changement his alway to be fair. and if occure we could make an equivalence of it. Exemple: you could louse acces of fly if its compromising the mojang eula. you can louse acces to some part of this rank in any time but alway going to add something to replace or do an equivalent. 5) Each chargeback can be count has a fraud, and in any case you should chargeback for something wrong. contact our responsable person with mail at and wait 2 week at maximum to leave him time to read and answer your issus. if you think you did something wrong by bying something you dont want, you can still joining for those same purpose. He can understand error occure and if needed he could refound the object you bought by mistake or the one you didnt wanted. Same has any circonstance. If you want your money back for some precise reason after 3 day you request could be accepted. Obiviously you louse your acces since you did this refound ask, If something not clear join us on discord at: .